Andrew pierre Hart

Andy2‘Why don’t you switch off the television and go and do something less boring instead’ Sound performance-5 x 42″ television screens-Roland drum machine-Speakers-Amp. Performed @ Absinthe group show-Bermondsey-LondonĀ April 2018 photo:Billy Fraser



Painting installation-Fabric- MPET-MDF-Oil on Canvas -Projection-2017 @ Hart and Huang pt7 nEw Work’@19 Goulston St


PEACE IN IT TOGETHER BIT BY BIT PT3-8th-31st August 2017-
Peace in it together bit by bit pt 3(an annual curatorial experiment) : Artist Residency running from 8th – 31st August.
-Invited Artists Groups Pop ups-Pop ins-Sound-Interventions-Music-Experimentation with recent graduates from Chelsea College of Arts 2017 & 2016 BA & MA Fine Art Pogramme-
For the Month of August -an Experimental Residency with Andrew Hart & Serena Huang (Hart & Huang) and Various invited guests-will attempt to continue a dialogue with fellow artists with a series of Pop up shows. And events in the spaces in between – this a way of continuing the conversation of space,exhibiting, making,curating & the learning through the process of the pop up and the many different connections made through this engagement .



Highlights : ‘it happened in a deconstructed Blues dance/Inversions in Bass’ -invited guests perform in improvisatory/experimental sound collaborations throughout the week in the installation @ Chelsea College of Arts BA Fine Art degree show 16-23 June 2017-
Degree Show installation-photo-Paul Allen
‘Work in progress called work in progress’ part of my degree show installation ‘it happened in a Blues Dance/Inversions in Bass. @ Chelsea College of Arts BAFA 2014/17 photo Z.Benke


‘Work in progress called Work in progress’ Piano,speakers,plinths, wooden frame dimensions variable. ‘In the Blues Dance 2’ Oil on Canvas 1m x 1.6m-Speaker,perspex 80cm x 80cm. ‘The Dancer’- Plinth,speaker,motor,wire,crocodile clip. ‘Digital killed the Dj star’ motor,aluminium,elastic band,spindle,switches. 2 x 26cm x 14cm.



l-r- ‘In the Light’ Oil on Canvas 1m x 1.6m-‘In the Blues Dance’ Oil on Canvas 1m x 1.6m-‘The Dancer’-‘Digital killed the Dj star’- ‘My Old Piano’-Video 23.48 m-‘In the Blues Dance 2’ Oil on Canvas 1m x 1.6m- Speaker 80 x 80cm.
Installation View
IMG_9199 (1)
‘My favourite things’-wax and metal rod-